Hair extensionsHair extensions

Hair extensions are performed by experts using keratin, the protein that envelops our natural hair. The company imports natural hair from European countries, which are considered the best hair suppliers in the world.

This natural, high-quality hair that has not undergone chemical processes that impair its quality, with all hair ends being quality inspected by Rafael’s professionals.

As part of hair extensions, the experts use a pure keratin material, which ensures that connection of the natural hair units to your hair will not be damaged in any way.

The quality hair can be found in the Rafael chain in a selection of colours that are suitable for all hair shades. And in smooth natural curly and curly textures. Hair extension operation is performed using a professional and advanced soldering iron which allows the technique of flat and invisible connections!

Soldering hair in this way ensures perfect and natural results that are unrecognizable.

In addition, the connections are durable and allow bathing and overlapping without any worries, both at home and at sea and in the pool, and are not affected by the use of hair dryers or the collection of hair in various ways. This guarantees the customers complete freedom of movement, and confidence in the durability and quality of the natural hair that the Rafael chain chooses for its customers.

In addition to hair extensions, Raphael experts also perform hair thickening.

You can also purchase temporary hair extensions that will be prepared for you in advance, in exact accordance with your hair, and which you can assemble and remove independently, before each event.

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