Hair soldering

Hair solderingHair soldering

Hair soldering is performed for hair extension and thickening of hair volume. A process that many actresses and models use to create the perfect look for their hair.

It is no secret that thinning hair impairs the aesthetic appearance and gives a pale and unimpressive appearance. Hair soldering by Raphael experts is performed in all lengths and shades and is especially in demand by women who want to show off a special look that includes full and impressive hair.

The operation is performed using an advanced soldering iron which is developed with special technologies abroad, a connection to the client’s hair that creates perfect and invisible connections between the client’s hair, and the natural and quality hair extensions.

Hair soldering is the best and safest way for your hair, as the extensions can be removed easily and quickly without damaging the hair. The procedure is performed by soldering keratin, a protein that envelops our natural hair, and which is not fed with any artificial additives that may damage the hair.

Using pure keratin, Raphael’s experts connect the natural hair units, imported from Europe, to the natural hair.

The exclusive connection technique! Which Raphael developed allows for flat and natural connections of the hair, with the end result being a full, elegant and governed hair look

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