Thickening hair

Thickening hairThickening hair

Hair thickening is vital for women who suffer from thinning hair.

This phenomenon is displayed in the loss of hair volume and damages your external appearance.

Thinning hair is an outcome of genetics and chronological age, and is common in women in various conditions and especially menopause.

However, other conditions cause thinning hair, including the use of certain medications, various treatments, thyroid-related diseases, stress and fatigue that are evident in our hair.

Women who suffer from hormonal problems, and especially during menopause, are interested in thickening hair and soldering natural extensions, which will give their hair volume and an entirely natural and beautiful look.

Raphael’s hair experts are very skilled in adding natural hair to the thinning hairs and styling a new and perfect hair look, which will adorn you exactly.

First, the professionals will perform a personal and comprehensive diagnosis according to your hair type, then together with you and according to your preferences, they will choose the hair extensions, which will help in the restoration of the specific areas where you need volume. The extensions are imported from European countries, which are considered the most natural and high-quality hair suppliers in the world, and are carefully selected. They undergo a personal and professional clarification process before being connected to the customer’s head, which will give you a perfect result!

Thickening hair using Raphael experts will create a healthy and natural hair look for you. The hair will give you the complete, young and fresh look, while the extensions will be comfortable and natural and will allow you to style your hair in any way you wish.

Hair thickening is suitable for women who want to improve their aesthetic appearance and regain their natural and favourite look.

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