Who we are ?Who we are ?

The Raphael Network was founded in 1998 by Nissim Yitzhaki, to provide a range of quality, customized and instant solutions to anyone suffering from hair thinning or hair loss, for all their issues.

Raphael Yitzhaki, is the son of the founder and has an authentic, burning vision, aims to restore happiness, self-confidence and inner brilliance to his clients. He managed to realize his vision through personal and unique involvement in the process and professional and creative accompaniment.

Raphael was trained in Israel and Italy and is highly experienced, educated, professional and will ensure your results look natural and your hair stays healthy. After an enriching study period, he became a certified and international hair extensions instructor, taught and trained teams in Israel and abroad and handled a variety of clients who are on the media front every day, including models, media, public figure and celebrities.

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